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Configuring Outlook for iOS to an Office 365 Email Account

Introduction This tutorial will guide the reader to be able to configure Outlook for iOS to connect to an Office 365 email account. Instructions 1. On the iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store. Search for Outlook for iOS. Select the install icon, which is the picture of the Cloud with a down arrow. 2. Once installed, click the Open button. 3. Sometimes if you’ve got another email account configured on your system, it might find it and ask if you want to add this account. Click Skip if you get this screen. 4.  Enter your Office 365 email address. 5.  Enter your email address and Click on Add Account 6.  Enter your password Click Sign in 7. If you want to add another account, click Let’s do it! Otherwise, click Maybe later 8.  It will now display a wizard showing the feature